MEWP Hire Leeds

What is MEWP Hire?

MEWP Hire (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) supply an easy way for workers to be lifted into the air so they can access hard-to-reach areas and perform a variety of tasks. Some examples of tasks that require the use MEWPs are fixing lights on roofs, repairing lamps in lamp posts, or anything else that has to be done high up.

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms are a safe and convenient way to work at height, and MEWPS are used across many industries. From construction and maintenance, events and tree surgeons, we offer our MEWP platforms to them all.

Common Types of MEWP Platform

Spider Lift

Out of all the lifts we use, spider lifts are our platform of choice. They stabilize equipment by using fold-down outriggers and distribute weight evenly with caterpillar-type crawler tracks during transport to ensure low ground pressure. This allows for maximum height and reach while in operation.

Scissor Lift

A scissor lift is a popular mobile access work platform that raises operators vertically to complete tasks. The lifting mechanism of scissor lifts is referred to as a scissor lift. Scissor lifts come in several forms, including electric, diesel, and hybrid. Because scissor lifts can be moved while elevated, they are quite useful.

Cherry Pickers & Boom Lifts

Boom lifts and cherry pickers are a type of MEWP that allow both vertical and horizontal movement. Boom lifts and cherry pickers lift workers on a hydraulic arm to rise up over obstacles, providing access to areas that would be otherwise difficult or impossible to reach.

Who Needs MEWP Hire?

If you’re part of a sector in Wakefield that needs MEWP hire, look no further than Support Access. Our Spider Lifts are available to cover your specific needs and requirements. We’ve worked with a variety of construction and building maintenance companies, local councils, forestry & groundwork teams, event planners, and more – so we have the experience you need to get your tasks done.

Why us

Efficient & Reliable

Support Access are efficient and reliable, doing what we can to work around your schedule and ensuring we are always on time.


Our MEWP machines are well maintained and adhere to all safety standards and legislation required for safe operation.


We have a brilliant range of machines that are available for hire around Wakefield.


Our quality service is backed by our amazing 5-star reviews from our past clients and customers.


We understand how dynamic projects can be, and can work with you if your projects are delayed, extended or finish early.


We can deliver and collect our Spider Lifts with or without an operator. Just let us know what suits you.

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